Laser Engraving

What can you Laser Engrave ?

  • Specialist Engraving Plastics (formerly known as ‘Trafolyte’)
  • Wood / MDF
  • Most Glass (not lead Crystal)
  • Anodised Aluminium (plated aluminium, in various colours)
  • Acrylics
  • Stainless Steel (We etch text and images onto the surface)
  • Dozens of specialist materials dedicated to the laser engraving industry


What can’t you engrave

  • ANY material containing PVC, (It becomes highly poisonous and corrosive)
  • Some types of Glass, including Lead Crystal.
  • Bare Metals – Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Gold, Silver, Normal Steel


Tell me about your engraving machines ?

  • We use 2 of 60 Watt Laser Engravers, both are among the worlds leading brands, made in USA and Austria.
  • We also use a (very expensive) Fabric / Carbon/ Varispeed Chemical filtration unit, for enviro and health reasons
  • We have rotary attachments, enabling us to engrave round items such as glassware, torches etc.


Can the Laser engrave colours ?

  • No. It removes material using intensified light, it doesn’t actually print anything to the material being engraved…
  • With some materials we can engrave out your design, and then colour fill the engraving with various types of paints etc.
  • We can also accurately cut various adhesive materials into the pattern of your design and stick to the desired object, such as a plaque etc.